The Team

We have a growing team of bookkeeping specialists. Each client is allocated a bookkeeper who is overseen by Gillian. 

The Service

As little or as much as you require. 

At a minimum we keep your Xero reconciled and as much contact as you need. 

At the other end of the service scale we enter your payables invoices and expense receipts and either send you a payment batch, or upload to your bank for you to approve, where we have access.

Expense and bill management

Using a range of apps, your phone and online tools, we guarantee you will never need to file another piece of paper again.

We set up streamlined processes to speed up creditor processing and provide  up to date reports on your current payables.

Outsourcing Benefits

No this is not as cheap as hiring your own office person. However, outsourcing does remove the commitment of employing an office person, and hours can be reduced and increased as necessary to go with the work load.  It might be 10 minutes this week, and 10 hours the next. The key is you only pay for what we do, you don't pay someone to sit and surf the internet waiting for something to do. 

This can also be a good intermediate step for the small business owner, until your requirements mean you need someone in the office for regular hours (answering phones etc). We can then hand over all the processes we have already tried, tested and refined, train and offer support to your new staff member.

Your bookkeeping function is also being managed by a qualified accountant. This is going to minimise mistakes. What's more, the data provided to your accountant at year end will be correct thereby reducing the corrections they need to make.