In house. Out of House

 This is just a consolidation of all our services, and highlights the complete package we can offer. 

It's like having an inhouse accountant but without the salary or desk space commitment. 

We can do everything from your daily bookkeeping and setting up your bill payments, managing your payrolls, through to management reporting (and our fantastic cashflow reports) and monthly tax planning.

Using cloud based solutions we can both be working live with the same data and a quick video call can replace the need for face to face meetings if necessary, making this a very cost effective service. 

You will be assigned your own bookkeeper to take care of your transaction processing, all overseen by a qualified accountant, you couldn't be in better hands. All for a lot less than the annual cost of having a permanent staff member. 

We love this, we become such a part of your business. 

Covid 19 highlighted the benefits of continuous involvement with our clients. When it was just a murmur back in January we had already identified clients likely to be impacted by the China lockdown. We moved quickly to identify clients who needed to apply for the wage subsidy the day the NZ lockdown was announced and had all applications done within days. During lockdown we worked with clients to help trim costs, defer payments, ideas for upskilling staff, and readying to returning to work.