Payroll Services

As part of of our every day services we can provide clients with payroll services. One employee or 100 employees, we can handle it all. We have a variety of payroll software choices, we are not locked in with one supplier, and therefore can choose the option that best suits you.

We take care of all your PAYE filing, including the new Payday Filing (compulsory for all employers from April 2019).


We offer an outsourcing service for your payroll through The Payroll Boss This is for businesses who use other accounting firms, we don't need access to any of your financial or tax records and so maintain complete independence. 

We are members of the New Zealand Payroll Practitioners Association, which ensures we employ best practise techniques for payroll workflows, as well as having access to experts to help navigate the minefield that is NZ employment law. We can offer various payroll software solutions to suit your needs.