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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Your Business is Our Business

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Are you sick of late nights at the kitchen table angsting over bank reconciliations and GST returns? Wondering who owes you money? Worrying that you will have enough cash this week to pay your workers and your suppliers? 

We can help! Providing back office support with everything from bookkeeping, payroll, business development, and at year end we take care of your taxes. Well we don't pay them, but we do prepare them for you! Along the way you will receive regular updates on your current tax situation. 

We have a particular focus on tradesman and associated businesses.  

We have a team of bookkeepers waiting to help, and you will be allocated a team of two: your bookkeeper and your accountant


Your Taxes, Simplified

Your Business is Our Business

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Unexpected tax bills are the worst surprises. BOS doesn't like giving you these surprises. Tax planning forms a core part of our service. You will have us working alongside you to ensure there is a robust tax plan in place. You will be sleeping with a smile on your face come tax payment dates if you follow our plan, we guarantee it. Or the coffees are on us. Actually the coffees are on us anyway, because we love getting together and chatting to you about your business. 


Your Business is Our Business

Your Business is Our Business

Your Business is Our Business

We love your businesses as much as you do. We love it even more when you are achieving all your business objectives. That's why we like you to share with us what it is that you are hoping to get out of your business, and then help you work towards achieving those outcomes. We understand that being a small business owner can be stressful. We wear so many hats, and can feel like we are in this alone. That promised work-life balance we were looking for when we quit our jobs might seem like a myth at times. Which is why we want to support you, as your trusted business advisor, to help work through issues. As our name suggests, Systems are our thing! Let us help you create an office environment, systems and procedures, that make running your business less of a nightmare. This can be filing systems, workflow systems, connected apps. The list is endless


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