Monthly Accounting


This is our pay as you go service. The minimum monthly charge is for your Xero software and paperless payables (if required).  From there you pay as you need us.

Services provided to monthly clients include: 

  • GST return preparation as a minimum, with transactions checked for accuracy  
  • Taxation plan, based on your current profit we provide a suggested tax saving amount, and if you follow this plan you will have ZERO stress come tax payment time. Guaranteed!
  • Management reports, followed up with a coffee meeting or Zoom chat to discuss what's going on. World domination starts with us sharing information
  • Put systems in place for you to record and save your expense receipts and invoicing. Don't every file a piece of paper again!

Us taking a look at your accounts on a regular basis greatly reduces the costs of preparing your annual accounts, because we are on top of issues straight away. No asking you to recall what happened 12 months ago.  It also means we aren't strangers, with just that once a year visit that makes us feel so disjointed from our clients.